About the GIDES* Project

*General Interdisciplinary Developmental Evaluation System

The goal of the Taking Action GIDES project is to design and implement a community-based collaborative interdisciplinary evaluation system for young children.

Grant support from the Whatcom Community Foundation enabled us to:

  • Conduct a collaborative community planning process, engaging community stakeholders and experts in the design and implementation of a collaborative interdisciplinary developmental evaluation system for young children in Whatcom County
  • Obtain specialty consultation, including clinical and funding issues related to implementing and maintaining this system
  • Purchase relevant evaluation tools and materials

The work on this project has been separated into two tracks:

  • The fiscal/administrative planning track is being addressed by the Taking Action Leadership and Development Teams along with our lead fiscal agency, The Arc of Whatcom County.
  • The programmatic and clinical track is being addressed by a GIDES Team comprised of the Taking Action Development Team and the Whatcom County Medical Home Team along with parents, advocates, and service providers.

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